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Mar 18, 2012 11:35pm EDT
. >> sunday, there were charges traded, and a big win for the front-runner. mitt romney scored a convincing win over rick at the pr primaries. than 50% of the vote. arey the way, 20 delegates ours. >> mitt romney left the island on saturday. s off to illinois. illinois is crucial if mitt romney is going to stop the momentum for rick santorum. willingnessate your to vote on tuesday. i need your vote on tuesday. >> he continued to question rick santorum's economic credentials. >> i do not think we will replace an economic light weight another economic light weight. day, when i talk folks, i hear the same thing over and over again. i am praying for you. >> santorum challenged mitt a one-on-one debate. he has been turning down every single debate. he is hiding behind a billionaires' fronting his super pac. start with puerto rico. was that a big deal? 20 delegates? >> it was a big deal for two reasons. by giving more than 50% of the vote, he was guaranteed all the delegates. none for rick santorum. this is shaping up into a mathematical race for delegates. it is also significant that e has been
Mar 4, 2012 11:35pm EST
virginia home and will bounce into tennessee. romney hit new territory. for santorum, it is tennessee and then ohio. ohio is the big prize. it is the swing state where romney could quiet his critics. >> that would send a big statement. >> and santorum has a problem in ohio. he did not complete all the paperwork and is at risk of being an eligible for more than a quarter of the delegates. >> that basic organizational test that you have to have to battle president obama is a test that rick santorum and his campaign have flunked. >> if that is the only thing that they find wrong with my campaign, then that is ok. >> they will finish up this mad dash to super tuesday. >> let's talk giving politics now. of course, we're just a couple of days away from a critical super tuesday. who has the most at stake? >> >> this is sort of mitt romney's moment. there are 10 states up for grabs. he does not have to make a big showing in any one particular state. he has to pick up lots of delegates in lots of states and really pull away from rick santorum who has been nibbling at his heels in the last coup
Mar 25, 2012 11:35pm EDT
the courts. >> rick santorum picks up a big win in louisiana. mitt romney still has a commanding lead. what is the reasoning behind santorum and gingrich staying in this race? >> the louisiana outcome was a situation and which santorum wins but he only gets a portion of the delegates. he has not made a dent in mitt romney's delegate count. the process will continue to be that way for some time. what he is hoping to do is to put pressure on mitt romney to win more and more delegates. they are trying to pick away what they can said that it is more difficult for mitt romney to amass 1100 delegates that he means to seal the deal. they are hoping they can take this all the way to the convention in tampa. >> we will see what happens. thank you for being with us. the fifth annual global initiative kicks off in d.c. on friday. among the speakers president clinton, chelsea clinton and jon stewart. tomorrow, michelle obama will welcome schoolchildren to the white house garden. it will be the first annual spring planting as part of her initiative to help students get healthier. the first lady planted
Mar 11, 2012 11:35pm EDT
their primaries. the latest polling showed that gingrich and romney were neck in neck. this is gingrich's back yard. is it his to lose? >> i wouldn't go that far. he has to do well in these two states. he is not leading there right now. mississippi he is not up either. so ingenuity gingrich has the most to lose. >> if he were to win this would be his third comeback of this cycle? what's the likelihood of that? >> not very much. if anything he and santorum will split the vote and allow mitt romney to come in first which seems surprising in mitt and the poll shows him within striking distance. >> and he's been brushing up obhis southernisms. >> it seems to be work forg him at least as far as the polls go. >> and he came out today calling the romney campaign desperate for delegates. they sent out an e-mail touting their delegate count and santorum fired back calling him desperate. >> if anything he is pretty far behind in the delegate count. the truth is mitt romney's campaign is right about this. they're doing it for strategic advantage. but as far as the
Mar 17, 2012 11:35pm EDT
with puerto rico and illinois next airline. >> mitt romney started the day in puerto rico where he hopes to get most if not all of the 23 delegates. >> i am optimistic. >> instead of spending more time on the island, he headed back to the mainland. his main concern this week is the illinois primary this tuesday where he is reportedly ahead of rick santorum. >> if we want to beat barack obama, we have to nominate someone who is not an economic lightweight. >> rick santorum already won a primary that did not award any delegates. after winning one caucus, the former senator let his exuberance get the best of him. >> all of the midwest is one car. we have won every state in the midwest. >> but that is not true. santorum lost both michigan and ohio. once again, he found himself saying he did not really mean what he said earlier in the day. >> i am wondering about michigan and ohio. >> well, i mean, i meant the heartland. >> and new video by move had women repeating words by rick santorum. >> accept what god has given you and make the best of a bad situation. >> virginia tech officials
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5